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About Us

CEM Aquatics has been involved in the swimming pool and water feature industry since 1979.  Originally functioning as an industry supplier, service & maintenance company to existing aquatic facilities, we then branched out and acquired our own commercial swimming pool and water features contractor’s license in 2002.

Since that time we have acquired licensing in many more states, counties and cities and have been working commercial pool contractors engaged in building new water fountains, splash pads, waterparks, spas and swimming pools.

We are also a valued distributor of the highest quality swimming pool products and accessories in the industry. Whether your facility or feature needs a pump, filter, heater, chemical system or controller, we can help with all of your aquatic needs.  Our offering are not limited to the equipment room alone, we also sale and install a variety of pool and spa deck accessories including diving boards, starting blocks and water slides.

We appreciate the opportunity to share pictures and information about some of our past and current projects. We are more than happy to assist you with all of your swimming pool needs. 


Since 1979, CEM Aquatics has been a key player in the swimming pool industry, providing everything pool related including new products, service, maintenance, renovation and construction.